Speaking to the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Fuad Izadi said the internal situation in the United States has become extremely bipolar. “The United States traditionally had institutions in which the establishment was respected, such as the presidential institution where the system was secular and stood at the bottom of this line. When a president like Donald Trump takes office, the position of the presidency and ultimately part of the ruling establishment apart from the political bickering that is common in other countries, is tarnished.”

He added: “One of the reasons for opposition to Trump is this very issue rather than the words he has uttered in his telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president or the amount of money he should have given to Ukraine but he didn’t.”

Escalation of American Bipolarism

Izadi added that serious damage has been done to the presidency and thus has made some Americans uncomfortable: “That’s why the bipolarism has intensified in America and some like Trump very much and some hate him so much.” The United States is a country that is experiencing turbulences both politically, socio-politically and culturally and there has been a kind of political earthquake there.

Commenting on the statement by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives to the effect that the House would not send the case to the Senate unless they are informed about the way the Republicans would treat the impeachment bid. “Democrats want to prolong the impeachment process because if they follow normal procedures, according to the US constitution, the House vote should be forwarded to the Senate; but they are aware that the Senate will not approve it and the case will be closed.

Democrats Are in No Hurry to Complete the Impeachment

“After the case is referred to the Senate, Trump will have the option to say that this is just another baseless charge and declare victory in one way or the other,” the Tehran University professor continued. That is why the Democrats are in no hurry and would like to try to influence public opinion for a while with the victory they gained in the House of Representatives with enough votes.

Izadi also commented on the performance of the Republicans: Republicans are behind Trump and more than 90 percent of them support Trump. Much of the criticism of those in the middle is against the political impasse in the United States. They believe the works that must have been done in the Senate have been overshadowed by Trump’s impeachment. In the month of January, the Senate usually scrutinizes numerous cases and regulations but the head of the Republicans who manages the Senate calendar has left January blank and has not defined anything, as Trump’s impeachment debate may take longer.


Increasing Number of Critics of Trump’s impeachment in US

Referring to the latest polls on the impact of impeachment on Trump’s popularity, he said the trend shows that his popularity has gone up after the impeachment bid.

He said Democrats have been relatively less successful in their publicity campaigns because the percentage of critics against the impeachment is going up gradually, and this is in Trump’s favor. It eventually endorses what Trump is saying.

Democrats might have predicted the current situation, but they probably hoped that Trump would be disgraced because of the impeachment bid in general in those states that might want to vote for him, something that has not necessarily happened.


No Republican Senator Will Vote against Trump

He explained: Democrats felt that if a case were opened, there would be more cases of Trump violating it. The same thing happened to Bill Clinton when the case started with a real estate deal that ended up with Mrs. Monica Lewinsky, but the Democrats were not successful, and they are now focusing on the same case in Ukraine. So this political fight in the US has not necessarily ended much costly for Trump, and for the time being no Republican Senator has announced he would vote against Trump. Even people like Mitt Romney who were critical of Trump have no said that. Democrats need 20 votes of the Republican Senators but don’t have even one vote.


Impeachment Brings Power and Pride for Trump

Commenting on Trump’s tweet, which said he wanted an urgent trial in the Senate, the analyst said: “In the current situation, Trump feels power and pride and feels his propaganda has been correct, which is why Democrats tend to prolong the process so that this impeachment will not face quick death.


Republicans Fear Trump

Commenting on some analyzes suggesting that the Republicans may not nominate Trump for the 2020 election, the expert said: “There are no signs of such a decision at this time. Trump is more popular among Republicans than many Republican elites and Senators. That’s why some Republican Senators are afraid of him, because if they want to move against him, Trump is likely to nominate an in-party candidate to oust the Republican Senator who has worked against him, so for now Trump’s domination of the Republican Party is almost complete.

In response to the question whether we will face a stronger Trump with the end of the impeachment process, he said: That is the case for the time being unless in the week left to hand over the case to Senate there will be new evidence. So Trump will face no problem in the Senate with the current documents and evidence,” he said.