Despite holding a new round of elections in the Zionist regime, no party has yet been able to secure a majority to form a government, and we must, therefore, expect the third round of elections in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

This is something unprecedented in the Zionist regime and shows that the Zionists no longer have a leader they can trust. Domestic competition to gain power has intensified in a manner that the interests of the entire regime have been ignored.

For example, when Benny Gantz, in his election campaigns, accused Netanyahu of abandoning the immediate danger of Gaza and dealing with the far-reaching threat i.e. Iran and criticized this policy, Netanyahu launched an attack on Gaza at once. By assassinating the Islamic Jihad leaders, Netanyahu sparked the controversy to strip Gantz of this slogan and this weapon and show that he also paid attention to the Gaza issue.

In such a situation, US President Donald Trump intends to settle all the disturbances in favour of Netanyahu by supporting Zionist settlements. The reason is that Trump, Netanyahu and probably Muhammad bin Salman have together designed and agreed upon the “Deal of the Century.

So far, the United States has taken several steps to attract hardliners to vote for Netanyahu; ranging from the attack on Gaza and the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem to extremism and fabrications against Iran, all can be analyzed in this context.

It should be noted that Europeans and many other states in the Western camp believe that settlement in the occupied territories is illegal after 1967. So, from their point of view, Trump’s radicalization regarding these settlements is not even accepted by the European community.

We have already witnessed the launch of the movement by Europe to boycott goods made by the illegal Zionist settlements. This widespread public reaction in Europe was a response to criminality, bullying, lawlessness and disregard for laws enacted by the United Nations. It is possible to take advantage of this movement today to counter Trump’s decision.

Now, there is a serious disagreement within the Zionists as to whether or not the method they have adopted is correct. Illegally deployed Jews in Palestine have now realized that the whole world is opposed to them. This is while when they were being moved to the area, they were told they were going to a safe and developing zone. When they see such widespread opposition from the international community, they will not back Netanyahu and he will not be able to win the election.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a recent meeting on the occasion of the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), offered an interpretation of the Islamic Republic’s plan to resolve the Palestinian issue. The plan determines the future of Palestine through holding a referendum among the Palestinian people, and today this plan and the Deal of the Century scheme are up for the judgement of nations and freedom-lovers of the world, especially since it is based on the principles of democracy it has garnered a lot of attention.

At the time of, for example, Gamal Abdel Nasser, when it was said that Israel should be annihilated, they said all Jews should be thrown into the sea. The supreme leader, however, interpreted it well that our dispute is with the fake and illegal regime of Israel and not with the Jewish people. Jewish people also live in Iran. Palestinian Jews who belong to Palestine will also participate in the referendum. It is the original Palestinian people who decide what to do with the Jews who have been moved to Palestine.

This is a new project, and I believe that as time passes by, it will become more widely recognized among Islamic countries and later among the world’s free people, and as a humanitarian project that conforms to democratic standard it will find a better standing against the Deal of the Century which is based on cruelty, injustice, and tramping on the Palestinians’ rights, such as the right to self-determination and life in their motherland and enjoying an independent state.