Speaking to the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations (SCFR), Dr. Mahmoud Dehghan said: “Mr. Trump has had the worst behavior towards the Democrats during both the previous election and in this election; he has offered the worst insults to the secretary general of the party Mr. Obama and a Muslim black member in the Congress. Never before in American history has a president ever hurled so much insult against a rival party, Republican or Democratic.

He said Trump in a way has wounded the Democrats, adding: “Trump dropped the Obama Care just because it was undersigned by Obama. He adopted a similar approach towards the Iran Nuclear Agreement (known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).”

He recalled: “The Democrats suffered a bitter defeat in the elections three years ago. They lost both the House and the Senate and the White House. In the midterm elections a year ago, they were able to take back the House of Representatives. They also have the majority in the Senate at present.

He added: “The House of Representatives must begin and complete an investigation into the impeachment, In the Senate, 67 votes are needed to impeach and oust Trump. Therefore, the Democrats have come to the conclusion that now is the time to weaken Trump, given that he has disrupted both domestic and foreign relations, insulted intellectuals and journalists, and harassing the media. Meantime, since the nomination of the Democrats presidential hopeful is about to enter the final stage, they could drag Mr. Trump to the polls with these criticisms.”

He added: “Another issue is lack of cooperation of witnesses with the Congress, which is an offense. At the time of Mr. Nixon’s impeachment, fraud was an issue, and another issue that intensified criticisms and went as far as forcing Mr. Nixon to resign before his impeachment was lack of cooperation. That was when the House of Representatives summoned people in the government to attest Nixon prevented them from going! Today also Mr. Trump has adopted the same policy adding a new charge to his previous charges.”

The Democrats, it seems, have zoomed on Mr. Trump’s weakness and put pressure on him till the election time. They want to file more complaints while the Congress is investigating the impeachment process and making Trump’s dossier thicker little by little. They use the public abhorrence of Trump for insulting both the blacks, the colored and the immigrants and will continue to do so until the election time.

“They hope in the process of impeachment inquiry they could persuade the Republicans that they should get rid of Mr. Trump as soon as possible by forcing him to resign or let Vice President Mike Pence take over for the year and a half remaining from Trump’s tenure. Mr. Pence does not have a bad record and is more likely to be elected in the second round. Another option is for the Republicans to give up on Trump and nominate a candidate within their own party so that for the first time the president would act as the party chief while the party nominee is another person. Under those conditions too they will lose the election race. The Republicans in the current situation are more concerned about losing the White House than worry about Mr. Trump’s re-election.

The strategic affairs analyst said: “If the Democrats keep on thickening the dossier of Mr. Trump as they approach the start of the election year they can publicly disclose whatever discussed in their private sessions, which seem to be abundant. Under these circumstances, Trump has to assume a position of explaining to the public. They can create so much ambiguity about him among the public that they would be convinced that Trump is not a good president. As polls show over the past week, Trump’s popularity has been declining.”

Dehghan said that the US election was a “marginal victory.” In New York, Washington and the big states, everyone was for Hillary Clinton. Even the electoral cards were for her but the biggest vote Mr. Trump won was in New Mexico and near the immigrant settling borders and territories. There were immigrants and places that were involved, like what was done with Brexit. In the United Kingdom which boasted that the sun would not set in their land, the electorate voted, and the young people and the educated class did not take seriously the possibility that the British would exit the EU. At the time of Trump’s election, they did not believe it was because of Clinton’s control of public and media outlets, but because turnout was low, there was a marginal uprising and Trump won the voting.

“People are looking for economic prosperity and peace, and in a climate where Trump himself created and was not affected by the actions of the Democrats, those who voted for him will reconsider their vote,” the university professor explained. Trump has once used the immigrant weapon and cannot use it again. He even maneuvered on this topic in the midterm elections but lost the House of Representatives. He won only two more votes in the Congress but lost the House by 35 votes.

He said parties are decision-makers in elections and the Republican Party would not allow Democrats to keep pressing Trump and knock him down close to the polls. They will either force him to resign or elect a nominee from within the party, and the official party candidate will fight the Democrats in the election.