Mr. Faraji Rad made the remarks in an interview with Strategic Center on Foreign Relations on ties between Saudi Arabia and Israeli regime and the aims Riyadh is seeking by following the policy.

“I believe the policy would work; it is a well-organized plan and needs inclusive cooperation by sides on political, social and cultural fields to reach the security cooperation; no doubt Riyadh and Tel Aviv have been working on the issue since past in secret,” he underlined.

The analyst continued “Saudis are in need of ties with Israeli regime after changing their strategy; they are trying to gain support of Trump, US and Jewish lobby of US; Arab and Jewish lobbies, which were in contrast once, have get closer recently and this could result in political influence.”

“Saudi Arabia has decided to act against Iran; meanwhile they have a development plan to reduce country’s dependence to oil revenue; these strategies need technology and support; therefore they need to normalize ties with Israeli regime to get the support of US and western states,” Faraji Rad said.

Yet, Iran’s former ambassador to Oslo, has found the establishment of diplomatic ties between Riyadh and Tel Aviv as difficult and time-consuming; “the process would start with some bilateral visits by some ministers to assess the capacity of Arab world,” and added, “Sure some Arab states like Egypt and Jordan have ties with Israeli regime and would support Saudi Arabia in this regard; Saudis also would take certain measures to gain support of Arab world.”

“I believe that Arab states are almost ready to establish ties with Zionist regime; countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Djibouti, Sudan, UAE and Bahrain are likely to follow Saudi Arabia; although some states including Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Qatar are so much involved with tensions and conflicts that would not response to the act at all,” he regretted.

“On the other hand, Saudi Arabia follows policies to play a more vital role in Middle East; they seek to cooperate with US in peace issues of Palestine and Zionist regime to represent a positive and constructive picture of their country; if the peace plan prove successful, Saudi Arabia would have Israeli regime by side and would pretend to be a hero solving the Palestine issue; meanwhile Saudis would try to convince Arab public opinion that Islamic Republic is the first issue in the region,” Afkhami Rad reaffirmed.