“It is not in interest of France and Mr. Macron to interfere in Iran’s strategic issues and its missile program, which Islamic Republic is very sensitive about; such interference has no result but reducing repute of French government in eyes of Iran,” Velayati regretted, rejecting Mr. Macron’s recent anti-Iran stances.

“As an Iranian familiar with foreign policy issues and history of France, I advise Mr. Macron to follow General de Gaulle policies that is to have relatively independent policies; we would not ask others’ ideas on having or developing missiles as part of our defense might,” Leader’s senior advisor underlined.

Velayati reaffirmed that if France is looking for developing ties with Iran it should stop intervention in such critical affairs, “which is also against the interests of France.”

“No independent country would give up its national interests; ties with Iran have been beneficiary to European countries and they welcome boosting ties with Iran as a trusted and prosperous country unless being pressured by US to decrease the relations; even though we witness that some European countries have started investing in Iran,” he said.

Velayati, noting that Iran is not limited to West in developing ties, emphasized that “Europe doesn’t merely means European Union and the continent constitutes 27 countries and Islamic Republic has its particular ties with each one of them; we have positive ties with Russia, China, India, South Korea, South Africa and Latin America, which possess great capacities in different fields.”

On JCPOA, Velayati reaffirmed that Iran would stand against US violations and defend its national rights; “US has been acting unilateral in nuclear negotiations and the Trump government from the very beginning decided to violate the deal due to its hostility toward Iran; the parties to nuclear agreement have to push US to stay committed to the deal as it is an international agreement not a bilateral one between US and Iran.”