Value of the Victory of Axis of Resistance

12-day war of the arrogant Zionist regime against the axis of resistance in Gaza ended up with the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by Tel Aviv while the Zionist regime claimed herself as the victor of the war !, which is untrue.

Unlike classic wars of Arab armies, wars between the Zionist regime and Palestinian resistance groups are categorized as “asymmetric or unbalanced wars”, i,e. the parties of war have not equal military capabilities. Again, unlike classic wars, they don’t have a certain formula for specific military conditions. To be clearer, the parties involved in asymmetric war are in an “unequal status” from different angles such as their access to position, equipment, weaponry and external supports, as we have noticed several examples in wars between Israeli army and Palestinian resistance groups so far. As in the recent asymmetric war in Gaza, the Zionist regime as stronger party of the war, had to accept a ceasefire which was counting out for it every moment. It is, indeed, a major victory for the axis of resistance.


The Zionist regime allocates more than $ 20 billion for her military budget, has 170000 military personnel ready to serve, has 600 advanced and super-advanced fighter jets at her disposal plus strong missile and defense systems that Arab rulers are afraid of, but can’t stand longer than 11 days against the rocket attacks of Palestinian resistance, it is an obvious “failure” for the Zionist regime and a “major victory” with “strategic credits” for the axis of resistance in Palestine.

Messages and outcomes

As it is obvious, the victory of the axis of resistance is the most important achievement of Gaza war which has strategic importance. The victory has messages and outcomes, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Failure of the project aimed at uprooting the resistance forces from operation scene

The usurper regime was after various objectives by staging a war in Gaza. Extermination of Hamas and resistance forces from Gaza, especially “Sheikh Jarrah cleansing” from Palestinians is considered as a major security threat against Zionists. Thus, it was among important objectives. The resistance forces were not only uprooted, but also they managed to make the battle field as a scene for preparation of Palestinian groups and showed the capability of their rocket arsenal. Having failed to form a consensus on his cabinet, Netanyahu was instigated by some of his extremist supporters in Likud party to suppress Muslims of “Sheikh Jarrah” district followed by police and army assault on Al-Aqsa mosque. He, then, tried to achieve a quick victory over the resistance forces in Gaza within 48 hours under the operation called “Guardian of the Walls” and make it a party and political achievement, but he gained a reverse result in his war-mongering. This is an important experience and message for Netanyahu and other high officials at decision-making and decision-taking levels of the hatred Zionist regime that Resistance could not be exterminated even in small areas of the occupied territories because it has become a strategic paradigm.


  1. End of Netanyahu era in political equations

Netanyahu’s status is now very fragile and unstable in the occupied territories. As mentioned earlier, he intended to make his strategic goal of serious disarming and weakening of Hamas and other Palestinian forces at operational scene to a launching pad for his survival and thus an asset to remain in power. But the victory of resistance in Gaza made him the defeated party and unable to attain the goal. Failure in Gaza will pave the ground to remove Netanyahu from the power circle in the coming months. In view of the protests and demands in Israel that accuse Netanyahu to weaken the regime  as well as the mercenary settlers’ security, we should witness in near future the prime minister will be faded away from political equations of the Zionist regime.


  1. Rockets, the power show of the Resistance

Despite war crimes committed by the army of the Zionist regime against Palestinians, the Gaza war imposed great losses. For sure, agents and commanders who committed the crimes must be brought to criminal prosecution. Yet, the war turned out to be a rocket power show. The power is indebted to supports of the Islamic Republic of Iran, founded mainly by martyr Soleimani. Having penetrated the most updated systems, 4070 rockets launched from Gaza to cities, positions and regions occupied by Zionists, completely hampered the military and security capabilities of the occupying regime. This was a message of power and authority which was well received by Zionists. Haaretz newspaper described what went to Israel in Gaza as such:” the recent war was the worst Israeli defeat in its history” is considered no less than the message of humiliation and failure for the bullying regime. Firing thousands of powerful and pinpoint rockets to Tel Aviv, Haifa and other occupied regions mean solely that the equation of hurling stones has changed to firing rockets and collapse of the iron dome, as the symbol of stability, security and invincibility of Israel.


  1. Commitment of all Palestinians of the occupied territories to the cause of the Palestinian nation

One of the most important consequences and messages of strategic victory of Resistance in Gaza should be found within the occupied territories. The recent attack of the Zionist regime on Gaza, caused for the first time a unity and integration of Intifada of the Palestinian nation in every corner of the Palestinian lands including and among them Gaza, West Bank, Lands occupied in 1948 and even beyond that, i.e. homeless Palestinians in refugee camps of the neighboring countries in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Zionist regime did not even conceive that those settlers living in lands occupied in 1948, and believed by Zionists to be de-identified and integrated in Zionist society, could take weapons and challenge them within itself. The issue had a key and strategic message: Palestinians settled in occupied lands continued to keep their Islamic and Palestinian identity, and remain committed to the cause of Palestinian nation and liberating Holy Al-Quds



Attack of the criminal Zionist regime on Gaza, caused a lot of security, military, political and especially economic costs for it. If a Palestinian rocket costs between $ 300-800, on the opposite side the price of any intercepting system that the usurper regime had to use against such a rocket is $ 50000-100000. The defeat of the usurper regime in Gaza war heralds the horizons of its demise more than ever in the past. It dispatched the message to regional and international levels that the axis of resistance of Palestine has become so powerful and has achieved such a strategic level of field and military strength that can easily and practically bugged down the military apparatus of the occupying regime and decommission it. Gaza victory proved that despite the extensive publicity on the advancement of compromising plan of “publicizing Arab-Zionist relations” in the context of the Deal of Century”, the plan has lost its credit.