In an interview with the website of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Seyed Hadi Afghahi citing Erdogan that Turkey will target Syrian military anywhere they are and would launch military action if they did not withdraw from Idlib by the end of February, said: “Turkey’s actions are contrary to the Astana Agreement and the Sochi Deal. Turkey is currently supporting the Ahrar al-Sham, Jabhat al-Nusra and some others so that they could overthrow the Damascus regime by changing the Syrian equation, but in the current situation these groups are being defeated on the battlefields and Turkey is trying to prevent this trend.

Referring to several rounds of talks held in Astana, he added: Turkey even acted contrary to these accords. Turkey was supposed to mediate between the Syrian government and the terrorist groups, and by separating the Syrian people from these groups, enter into negotiations with the terrorist groups one by one and tell them if they lay down their weapons they would be amnestied and be given a share in the future political process in Syria; Turkey did not fulfil any of its obligations.

The expert added: “When the Syrian army was preparing for the liberation of Idlib, Mr Erdogan, at a summit conference of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Tehran, asked for a deadline and emphasized that he will enter into talks with these groups. He said it was preferred to solve the problem through political talks to prevent higher human losses and destructions.”

Illegal Presence of Turkey in Syria

Afghahi said later it became clear that what Erdogan said was a trap to buy time. He then raised the question as to how long can the Syrian government wait and watch Mr Erdogan’s breach of the agreement.” At this juncture, Turkey boosted its presence in the province of Adlib and its suburbs and this act is tantamount to occupation: Very sensitive Areas and some overlook the provinces of Latakia, Hama and West Aleppo.

Emphasizing that it is the inherent duty of the Syrian Armed Forces to liberate their country from any aggression in the fight against terrorists, he noted: Turkey is considered an aggressor country in the current situation and maintains military presence in some regions in violation of agreements; it has even set up surveillance towers and is building garrisons. Mr Erdogan is resisting the withdrawal of troops from Syria, and the presence of his troops has led to clashes, killing and wounding of several Turkish troops.

Declaration of War: With Whose Permission?!

Referring to the Turkish Prime Minister’s threat that if a drop of blood is shed from Turkish soldiers we will declare war, the West Asian affairs analyst said: “With whose permission does Mr Erdogan want to launch military action? Under what international conventions and agreements have he occupied the land of another country and subjects its army to psychological and military attacks?

Afghahi, recalling Russian criticism of Erdogan’s remarks, added: “The United States seems to have given Mr Erdogan some confidence on Turkey’s performance in Syria.” Mr. Erdogan hopes to play on two ropes, the American rope and the Russian rope. Because on the one hand it wants to buy F35 aircraft from the Americans, and on the other hand buy the Russian S400 and maintain trade and industrial exchanges with Moscow, but Mr Erdogan does not seem to be making any headway.

Western Efforts to Create Russia-Turkey Confrontation in Syria

Referring to the deployment of 150 military vehicles carrying equipment and auxiliaries to Syria and the delivery of most of Turkey’s weapons to Nusra Front terrorists, the analyst said: “The West in an anti-Russian gesture appears to be trying to pit Russia and Turkey against one another.” The American hope is that by provoking Turkey it will pursue its own policies because many are outraged by the advancements and successes of the Syrian army: As we have seen the attacks of the Zionist regime in the last days.

Referring to the words of head of NATO military organization and the European Union foreign policy chief, who urged the Syrian military to immediately halt its advances into Idlib, he said “These are the same supporters of terrorists and today they are witnessing these terrorists failure to resist the Syrian army and they fall like autumn leaves. If these terrorist forces were in America, Germany, England, France and the Netherlands, would they still be asking the same? Turkey has really become a plaything for the US and Europe, and that is a matter of regret.

Interpretation of Sochi Agreement

Referring to Russia’s emphasis on the implementation of the Sochi Agreement and Turkey’s criticism of Russia’s and Syria’s violations of the agreement, he said, it seems that the reading of Russia, Iran and Syria of the Sochi deal appear to be different from what Turkey thinks of the deal. Mr Erdogan is making his own personal interpretation of the Sochi deal, which is tantamount to turning the negotiating table upside down and disturb the rules of the game.

Afghahi emphasized: Mr Erdogan is definitely a loser because the international community and international logic know that this land is both terrorism-hit and occupation-hit; then how they want the country to stop its cleansing operation!

The West Asian affairs expert, referring to Turkey’s economic and political damages suffered after the crash of a Russian plane, added: “Mr Erdogan has been in a situation where he cannot be completely separated from the Russians and go to the American camp because he has problems with the Americans and cannot rely on Russia because Russia is one of the main actors in Syria, so Turkey must abide by the legal political process and submit to it because Syria has the right in terms of power, authority, and legal rights.