Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, in a meeting with Hans Grundberg, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen Wednesday, stated: One of the problems the UN has been facing in the case of Yemen is its failure to observe the principle of neutrality, to such an extent that a UN Security Council resolution was released in support of the aggressors and the previous representatives of UN in Yemen were not neutral.



The SCFR president expressed hope that Grundberg would prove his impartiality to the Yemenis and show that he wants to resolve the Yemen crisis in the interests of the Yemenis and not foreign forces.



Dr. Kharrazi stressed: The Sanaa government is independent in its decisions and the view that the Yemeni government is dependent on Iran must be changed.



The SCFR President continued: The war in Yemen started with the intervention of foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. What Ansarollah wants is to have a proportionate share in the next government, and that is why the Yemeni-Yemeni talks should be emphasized as a solution. No foreign intervention would be helpful in this regard.



Elsewhere in his remarks, the SCFR president stressed the necessity to stop double standards in dealing with the issue of Yemen and added: A similar standard should be applied to all sides of this conflict. For example, no voice is being heard from the UN, the Security Council, and its resolutions against the aggression of Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their attacks against the Yemeni people.



He said another important issue in this regard is the need to stop arms supply to the aggressors, adding: Europe and the United States must stop selling weapons to the aggressors in Yemen, because this war has caused huge suffering to civilians, including children and women. Those countries have the power to pressure the aggressors to end their actions against Yemen, but their financial interests demand that they continue to sell weapons to the aggressor countries.



Dr. Kharrazi also stressed the need to lift the siege of Yemen and stressed: The best strategy is to end the siege first, then establish a ceasefire, and then hold Yemeni-Yemeni talks. It is the duty of all countries to support these talks in order to form an independent government with a proportionate share of the various Yemeni factions.



The SCFR President also stressed: Considering the humanitarian situation in Yemen, it is necessary to pursue and implement a political solution as soon as possible.



Meanwhile, Grundberg emphasized the need to build trust between the interested parties in the Yemen crisis and said he had good talks with the Iranian authorities and in order to end the Yemen crisis, he would have a difficult mission ahead if he did not have the support of regional powers and Yemen’s neighbors.



Endorsing the views of Dr. Kharrazi he said he agrees that the situation in Yemen may become more complicated and in that case, it would be more difficult to find a solution.



The UN Special Envoy for Yemen also stressed his desire to talk to all Yemeni parties, saying that a ceasefire has not been reached in Yemen due to lack of trust and sufficient guarantees; but during his mission, he would try to interact with all the groups and untie the existing knots.