In a Saturday meeting with Hamas Secretary General, Dr. Kamal Kharazi stated: “This support for the Resistance must be maintained and strengthened, because the victory of the Palestinians in this struggle depends on the support of the people.”

Commemorating the memory of Martyr Qassem Soleimani and his role in advancing the Resistance, he emphasized: “Helping the liberation of Quds and supporting the Palestinian cause has an ideological basis in the Islamic Republic of Iran, because the IRI Constitution obliges governments to support the oppressed people of the world”.

Dr. Kharazi pointed to the fragile condition of the Zionist regime and emphasized: “We observed this fragility in its recent election; the fall of Netanyahu, despite the support of Trump and the US Congress, is a sign of this fragility. The new government of the Zionist regime is now much weaker and more unstable than Netanyahu government”.

Dr. Kharazi stated: “With the spirit of martyrdom seeking and the sincerity of the Palestinian fighters, we should hope to see the victory of the Palestinians”.

Hamas Secretary General Ismail Haniyeh for his part emphasized that the battle of Saif al-Quds is a very important turning point for the Axis of Resistance. He said: “This battle has had several strategic results, including Quds, regaining its central role, and the Palestinian cause drawing attentions again.”

Pointing out that the protests and clashes in Quds and the 1948 Occupied Territories were another strategic consequence of the Operation Saif al-Quds (Sword of Quds), he said: “These events clearly show the bright future of the Resistance.”

Appreciating the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the cause of Quds and Palestine, as well as commemorating the memory and role of Martyr Qassem Soleimani in strengthening the Resistance Front, Hamas Secretary General stated: Now is the time to take advantage of the achievements of this battle to accelerate the liberation of Holy Quds.

The meeting also discussed various issues, including the latest developments on the Axis of Resistance, the achievements of the battle of Saif al-Quds, the fragile situation of the Zionist regime and the unity of Palestinians.