During a meeting with Martin Griffiths, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Yemen, Dr. Kamal Kharazi welcomed the emergence of positive signs for an end to the war in Yemen and stated: “The UAE and Saudi Arabia, as key players in this devastating war, have not achieved anything.”

He added: “Now that there is an opportunity to end this war, we hope that the United States will be honest in its position to halt arms and intelligence cooperation with Saudi Arabia and prepare the grounds for ending the war by cutting off arms exports from the United States and Europe to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

The SCFR president underlined the need for full neutrality on the part of the UN envoy to Yemen and said to promote peace and stability in Yemen a Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue has to be launched, and “Foreign intervention in Yemen must be stopped.”

Dr. Kharazi also reiterated Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the United Nations in order to establish peace and stability in Yemen and said: “This war has resulted in nothing but killing and human catastrophe. In fact, Ansarallah of Yemen has no other demand than enjoying its inherent right to participate proportionately in a democratic government in Yemen; but the goal of the intervention of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is to prevent the formation of a popular government based on the will of the people in Yemen.

Welcoming a plan by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to establish a ceasefire in Yemen and lift the siege of Sanaa Airport and the port of Al-Hudaidah, he said: “I agree with the idea that the end of the war in Yemen contributes to stability and security in West Asia and hope this war will end.”

He added: “It is important that the rulers of the UAE and Saudi Arabia will come to realize that war is not the solution to the Yemeni problem and will revise their past course of action.”

Dr. Kharazi also stressed the need to lift the siege of Yemen to send humanitarian aid and noted: Iran has always tried to send humanitarian aid to this country but has been faced with obstacles; and if the siege is lifted, many countries are willing to extend aid to the Yemeni people.

Elaborating on his ceasefire plan, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative said the new stance adopted by the United States to end its support for the war in Yemen has provided a good opportunity to end the conflict.