Commenting on the US claim of the return of UN Security Council sanctions, including the arms embargo on Iran, he said that the US claim is so baseless and meaningless that even America’s close allies consider it illegitimate; because after the withdrawal of the US from the JCPOA, they do not give that regime the right to use the trigger clause in JCPOA or Resolution 2231.

Of course, the US, which with its unilateralist policy does not care about international institutions and tries to impose its unreasonable policies on others, does not need to rely on Security Council’s resolutions in order to implement its illegitimate demand to extend the arms embargo on Iran, as it is intending now to block Iran’s arms deals by threatening others with secondary sanctions, he said.

Asked about the US upcoming presidential elections, he said that it does not matter for Iran who will be elected in November; rather American policies will be the criterion for its actions.

“Of course, Trump’s presidency was important because the US’ nature became clear to the world during his term. Today, the absurdity of Americans’ deceptive slogans and their instrumental use of international institutions against others have become clear to everyone,” Kharrazi said.