Kharazi who was speaking to Wiener Zeitung newspaper of Austria on the sidelines of a seminar dubbed ‘European Union in Route of Defensive and Security Co-alliance’ held in Vienna on Friday, reaffirmed that “Americans violated JCPOA and lost their reputation; new anti-Iran sanctions are also a clear violation of the deal.”

Asked on Yemen crisis, Saudi Arabia and the four-point peace plan offered by Foreign Minister Zarif, Kharazi noted that Saudi Arabia has not approved the plan yet; “to implement the plan Saudis have to cease the war; we are concerned on irrational approach of Saudi Arabia toward Yemen.”

Iranian senior diplomat, on Iran-Saudi Arabia ties as a perquisite for implementation of the Yemen peace plan, emphasized the need for cooperation on settling the crisis; let me say it clearly that Iran welcomes improving ties with Saudis and sets no precondition except mutual respect.”

He added “Saudi Arabia is following hostile policies toward Iran with false claims against the country; a recent example is the claim that the missile fired from Yemen was Iranian while Yemen has had its own missile arsenal and missile program and the attack has nothing to do with Islamic Republic.”

Speaking on Iran’s role in the region, Kharazi asserted that Islamic Republic helped the regional states in combating terrorism, which doesn’t mean intervention; “Iran get into act on the official request of Syrian and Iraqi governments; and of course one of the drives in this regard was to safeguard the security of Iran and its borders,” and continued “Iran’s influence in the region is very normal regarding the historical background of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon; just look at the Arbaeen pilgrimage, it shows how close the two countries are; Saudi Arabia has chosen intervention, exporting weapons and supporting terrorist as its approach of influence while Iran has chosen helping the nations.”

Mr. Kharazi also had an interview with Der Standard newspaper, during which he underlined that Iran’s missile program and defense might are not negotiable.