On the issue of a ‘second nuclear deal’, Iran’s former FM Kamal Kharrazi said Americans were well aware of Iran’s increasing influence and knew the country had made significant developments in strengthening its defense power.

“Upset at all the progress made by the Islamic Republic of Iran, US authorities, who failed to block our regional influence, are clinging to other alternatives,” he underlined.

Kharrazi emphasized that a wise man should never be fooled by the same trick twice, explaining “we have once observed America’s breach of promise and there exists no logical ground for entering negotiations again.”

Kamal Kharrazi highlighted that the Islamic Republic of Iran, rather than giving in to US pressures, will continue its path regardless of baseless issues raised by Americans.

“Had US authorities implemented the nuclear deal and remained committed to their obligations, different conditions would have emerged,” said the official, concluding that Americans were no longer trustable.