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Importance of Security at Strategic Persian Gulf Waterway

Strategic Council Online: Suspicious explosions of two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman waters on June 13 provide an opportunity to reflect on the importance of securing a strategic waterway called the Strait of Hormuz.
Dr. Ali Karbalaie Hosseini – International Law Researcher

German Diplomatic Movements: Reasons and Objectives!

Strategic Council Online: Given Germany’s economic and political status in Europe, if they want to make a breakthrough in connection with Iran Nuclear Agreement, only Berlin can play a significant role and make other European countries follow suit. But if Germany does not or could not play a role to this end, other countries would be unable to be effective in maintaining the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Morteza Makki – European Affairs Specialist

Future of Military Equations in Yemen War

Strategic Council Online: The recent military strikes on the installations of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will have great impacts in security and economic terms and will compel the two states to revise their war policies against Yemen.

Trump’s Approach in Containing China

Strategic Council Online: The general American policy for the twenty-first century is to contain China economically, politically or militarily.
Ismail Bashari – China Affairs Expert

European Powers’ Policy towards Iran

Strategic Council Online: Europe does not seem to tilt toward the United States, but at the same time INSTEX too is unlikely to take some effective action.
Abdolreza Faraji Rad – European Affairs Expert

Iran’s Nuclear Approach to Counter America

Strategic Council Online: The Americans will revise their Iran policy once they find out that the anti-Iran sanctions have had either little impacts or are ineffective.
Hassan Beheshtipour – International Affairs Expert

Prospects of Iran-US Tensions

Strategic Council Online: The future of these developments is, in fact, the two ends of a spectrum and from this military buildup and war of words either a major war would emerge — the indications of which are not strong — or better conditions would be created for negotiations between the parties.
Amir Ali Abolfatah – American Affairs Expert

Iran – America & the Evolution of the Islamic resistance

Strategic Council Online: Recent events in the Middle East attract part of global attention. “New Structure of Power” and “New Geopolitics in the Region” are the latest realities of the regional developments of recent years.
Raouf Sheibani – Former ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria and Lebanon

Does Europe Want… But Can’t?

Strategic Council Online: We Iranians have a saying that “Where There Is a Will There Is a Way.” One year into the US pullout from the Iran Nuclear Agreement this Iranian proverb can serve as a good yardstick to examine the compliance of the European side with its commitment maintaining an agreement which Europe itself considers imperative to safeguard the security of the region.
Dr. Ali Karbalaie Hosseini – International Law Expert

Zionist Regime’s Goals behind Short-Term Wars in Gaza

Strategic Council Online: The Zionist regime by weakening and neutralizing the confrontation power of the Resistance in the Gaza Strip, is trying to create some peace of mind from the southern borders at the time of war in northern Palestine. But field developments and circumstances indicate that Israel is far from reaching the desired security level, and the Axis of Resistance, in contrast, is in very favorable conditions.
Mehdi Shakibai – Managing Director of Qods International News Agency

Winners and Losers of Afghan Loya Jirga

Strategic Council Online: In a general assessment, it can be concluded that Mr. Ashraf Ghani played a successful game by holding the recent Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) meeting.
Pir Mohammad Mollazehi – Subcontinent Affairs Expert

Riyadh, Abu Dhabi Strive to Keep Influence in Sudan

Strategic Council Online: The UAE and Saudi Arabia are sensitive to any changes or political and social instability in the Afro-Arab countries, and they are always seeking to maintain the status quo. But this time about Sudan, they certainly have not sufficed to a mere opposition to changes by learning a lesson from the 2011 uprisings. Instead, they are trying to orchestrate the power transition in a way that their own interests are preserved and safeguarded.
Kourosh Fakhr Tavoli – African Affairs Expert

China’s New Approach Towards JeM Terrorist Group

Strategic Council Online: The security of projects in the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) in Central Asia and South Asia has pushed Chinese authorities to restrict the activities of terrorist groups in the peripheral region.
Assadollah Kaveh – East Asian Affairs Expert

Saudi-UAE Intervention in Sudan to Prevent Muslim Brotherhood from Taking Power

Strategic Council Online: What happened in Sudan, or the issue that led to a coup or quasi coup d’état in this country, go back to a number of factors and reasons such as the ineffectiveness of the political system of Omar al-Bashir government, as well as his actions over the past few years on foreign policy among others.
Ahmad Bakhshi – African Affairs Expert

Russia’s Approach Towards North Korea’s Nuclear Issue

Strategic Council Online: While the Americans want North Korea to stop all its activities at once, the Russians have proposed a step-by-step approach to solve the problem. According to the plan, in exchange for partial halting of North Korea’s activities, part of the sanctions would be lifted by the United States and the parties could gradually achieve a comprehensive solution.
Shoaib Bahman – International Affairs Expert

Objectives of US Withdrawal from Arms Trade Treaty

Strategic Council Online: America’s Trump is creating a revolution in the current order of the world, so that it can reconsolidate its dominant position in the international system by relying on strong support, regulating the domestic infrastructures, strengthening the national economy and reducing the costs, and preventing emergence of a challenging competitor like China.
Dr Saeed Shokouhi – American Affairs Expert

Libyan Crisis Scenarios

Strategic Council Online: The scenario of the West’s intervention and the presence of European armies in the Libyan soil are among the assumptions cited in some analyses because as pointed out by experts on North African affairs if Libya’s oil-rich resources fall into the hands of Muslim groups and popular organizations, European governments will inevitably begin to engage in direct military intervention in Libya; Of course, such an assumption seems highly unlikely considering the problems the West is now facing.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – North African Affairs Expert

Libyan Oil: Strong Support for Realization of ‘Deal of Century’

Strategic Council Online: Libyan oil and gas wells are an important factor for the West and certain Arab countries to advance the ‘Deal of the Century.’ Libya is a place for dispute between Islamists and their opponents, and foreign actors here play different roles. The adventures of General Haftar against the legitimate government under Fayez al Sarraj speak of a disturbing future for Libya.
Amir Mousavi -Former diplomat and expert on Arab countries of North Africa