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Strategy of Int’l Propagation of Persian Language & Obstacles Ahead

Strategic Council Online: Director General of Scientific and Academic Cooperation of the Organization for Islamic Culture and Communications, says the spread of the Persian language and literature in the world is one of the country’s most important cultural strategies in the international arena. “The countries that are hindering Iran’s influence politically are adopting the same policy towards the development of Persian in their own country and want people to pay less attention to the language.”

Impacts of US Space Military Technology Deployment

Strategic Council Online: The Trump administration is trying to resurrect the US Space Command and keep up in space the competition it has with Russia and China on the ground.
Shoaib Bahman – Expert on International Affairs

Strategic Aspects of Arbaeen Rally

Strategic Council Online: At present, given the unrest in the region, some of the protests in Iraq and the foreign intervention in the Middle East and Muslim affairs, the Arbaeen ceremony can serve as a model for the solidarity, unity and security of Muslim nations.
Sadallah Zarei – Middle East Affairs Expert

US Government Abuse as UN Host

Strategic Council Online: It is necessary to provide an answer to the question that what political achievement US statesmen are seeking to gain by sanctioning and limiting the reflection of the IRI foreign policy messages and what would be the reaction of the UN and the others UN members in the face of this blatant hostage-taking of the White House?
Dr. Alireza Delkhosh – International Law Researcher

Trump’s Humiliating Treatment of His Allies

Strategic Council Online: US President Donald Trump Friday evening in his Twitter account criticized his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron’s policy of taxing US IT companies as “foolishness”.
Hamideh Safamanesh – International Relations Researcher

Islamic Civilization and Contemporary World

Strategic Council Online: There is no doubt about the historical existence of the Islamic civilization and its role in global civilization. Scholars in the field of civilization believe that the Islamic civilization has been able to rapidly gather all of the ancient civilizations together and in a sensible process, present them within a new and different civilization. This new civilization was named the Islamic civilization due to its Islamic roots and made the new world indebted to its contributing role. For this reason, even those who do not appreciate its current continuity, acknowledge its role as an intermediary in the transfer of ancient civilization to the new world.

Dialogue among Major Countries of Islamic World

Strategic Council Online: Intra-Civilizational dialogue between states under the leadership of major Islamic countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt is one of the requirements of a future discourse to overcome the current problems of the Islamic World.

Political Insight and Regional Cooperation

Strategic Council Online: The President of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said illusionary Iranophobia made by the United States, with the cooperation of the Zionist regime, resulted not only in the plunder of the wealth of Arab states but also it produced the normalization of their relations with the Zionist regime.

Cyber Regionalism, a Response to Intra-Civilizational Dialogue

Strategic Council Online: A professor of international relations believes that the elites of the Muslim World can use the opportunity provided by the cyberspace to forge a common understanding of the differences and commonalities in the Islamic World.

The Complex Phenomenon of Religious Extremism

Strategic Council Online: A senior analyst at the International Crisis Group believes that the danger of religious fundamentalism has risen in comparison to the past, and hostility to Shiite Muslims has also become more central to fundamentalists acting under the name of “Jihad”.