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Impact of Local Election Results on Erdogan’s Policies

Strategic Council Online: Generally speaking, municipal elections, despite the relative success of the Justice & Development Party, exposed challenges between political parties and groups in Turkey.
Siamak Kakai – Turkish Affairs Expert

Components Affecting the Venezuelan Crisis

Strategic Council Online: Street demonstrations in Venezuela are still continuing, while the crisis is becoming more internationalized day by day.
Hadi Aalami Fariman – Venezuelan Affairs Specialist

US Approach on Peace Negotiations with the Taliban

Strategic Council Online: It seems that the US intends to nominate Zalmay Khalilzad as a presidential candidate upon the coming to power of an interim government in Afghanistan. Given the lobbies that the US has had over the past year with some political and ethnic currents in Afghanistan, Washington wants Khalilzad to take over the Afghan presidency as a figure that has restored peace to Afghanistan.
Mohammadreza Asgari Murudi – Expert on Afghanistan Affairs

Importance and Perspectives of Iran-Tajikistan Relations

Strategic Council Online: For nearly three years now, due to various reasons, including different conspiracies, Iran-Tajikistan relations have gone through ups and downs that do not match the close relations of the two countries in the past.
Vali Kouzegar Kaleji – Senior Researcher on Central Asian and Caucasus Affairs

Iran-Iraq Strategic Alliance

Strategic Council Online: The recent three-day visit of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to Iraq is a clear sign that a new chapter has been opened in the strategic relations between Tehran and Baghdad. This is an indication that bilateral ties between the two countries have entered a sustainable and very crucial stage. Relying on the good cooperation between the two sides over the past 15 years, the two sides have now entered a much wider and more productive partnership.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – Middle East Affairs Expert

Outlook of UK Exit from the European Union

Strategic Council Online: The United Kingdom had three options to pick up from. First to implement the initiative without the agreement of the EU; secondly, to pursue a deal with the European Union, which is a very difficult task; and thirdly, to hold another referendum, while Theresa May’s party is totally opposed to the idea.
Ali Bigdeli – Expert on European Affairs

Advancement of Adana Agreement at Sochi Conference

Strategic Council Online: At Sochi Conference, not only arrangements were made to deal seriously with the remnants of the terrorist groups in Adlib, but also thanks to the efforts of Iran and Russia points were included in the final statement which will prevent any misuse of the vacuum resulting from the withdrawal of American forces.
Jafar Ghanadbashi – Middle East expert

Intra-Afghan Conference in Moscow: Dimensions and Outcomes

Strategic Council Online: In the context of the Moscow Conference, it seems that a declaration that could be endorsed by all sides is very important because it shows that the Taliban are prepared to sit at the negotiation table and, in the meantime accept the distribution of power and stop monopolism.
Pir Mohammad Mollazehi – Expert on the Subcontinent Affairs

Iran’s 40 Years of Strife

Madrid – The 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution could have offered the West an opportunity to reflect on the failure of four decades of disengagement to bring the Islamic Republic any closer to collapse, or the region any closer to peace. Instead, the Trump administration has doubled down on hostility, with nothing to show for it.
Javier Solana – President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics

Effective Components in Venezuelan Developments

Strategic Council Online – If the Army maintains loyalty and support for the legal government in Venezuela, the Maduro Administration would probably remain in power and foreign countries would not be able to do anything about it; but if the Army stops its support for the Maduro government, as one or two army commanders have tilted towards Guaido, the developments in Venezuela may take a different turn.
Seyed Jafar Hashemi, Former Iranian Ambassador to Brazil

US Goals behind Warsaw Conference

Strategic Council Online: Reinforcement and boosting the morale of US troops and Washington’s humiliated regional allies in the aftermath of repeated defeats of their coalition in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Palestine are among other goals of the United States in holding the Warsaw confab.

New White House Scenario in Latin America

Strategic Council Online: As Venezuela’s political future is in a state of uncertainty these days, Caracas is engaged in the execution of Washington’s new scenario in Latin America.

Another Victory for the People of Yemen

Strategic Council Online: Despite a ceasefire agreement the Coalition of aggressors against Yemen continues its obstructions and attacks on civilian areas. Also, the Stockholm conference has not achieved tangible results to end the five-year crisis in Yemen.

Dimensions and Backgrounds of Early Elections in Israel

Strategic Council Online: An expert on West Asia affairs says Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to forge a military-political achievement in the domestic, regional and international arena during the time left till holding early Knesset elections in about a couple of months.

Macron’s Failed Attempt to End the French Crisis

Strategic Council Online: The actions the French President wants to take to end the French protests are more tactical and aimed at managing the crisis rather than resolving it.
Morteza Makki – Expert on European Affairs

Warsaw Conference: A Test for Arab Rulers before Islamic World Public Opinion

Strategic Council Online: Next month, an international conference is set to be held in Warsaw on the Middle East with a focus on Iran. The main goal of the conference in Poland, the simultaneous presence of the Arab states of the Middle East and the Zionist regime, and the final outcome of the confab are among the issues that experts and the media are talking about these days.
Seyed Mohammad Marandi – Professor of Tehran University