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Strategic Role of Resistance & Hezbollah in Changing Security Equations of the Region

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that a change has taken place in power equation of the region and is progressing on a daily basis, an analyst of the West Asian affairs said:” Although Resistance and Hezbollah have been targeted with the most severe attacks of the arrogance, yet they continue to act as a standard bearer for confrontation as well as progress and to set new equations”.

Resumption of Turkey’s Diplomatic Relations with Zionist Regime and Resentment of Palestinians

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: One of the “obvious paradoxes” that has been noticed in the foreign policy of the Turkish government for many years is its claim of supporting the Palestinian people’s aspirations while on the other hand attempting to expand relations with the Zionist regime. This issue has not only caused “infuriation and resentment of the Palestinian people” against the Turkish government, but has also raised questions in the public opinion of the region and the Islamic world against Ankara’s protectionist approaches to Palestine!
Hamid Khoshayand – Researcher on regional affairs

Role & Interests of Arms Manufacturing Companies in the U.S. in Selling News Arms to the Regional Countries

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: While Biden had promised that human rights and non-supporting the regional wars would be among priorities in his foreign policy, but we continue to witness the militarism in the U.S. foreign policy, as the U.S. Department of State has recently announced in its statement, the country has concluded contracts to sell new arms to three countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan.
Barsam Mohammadi, Researcher of Regional Issues

China’s Goals behind Modernization of Naval Forces

Strategic Council Online – Guest opinion: The Chinese military plans to become the world’s first naval power by 2050. This is in line with the strategy announced in 2015 that China intends to become a modern socialist country by 2049.
Maryam Varij Kazemi – Researcher on geopolitical issues

France’s Aims in Attempting to Strengthen Military Presence in UAE

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Iran’s former ambassador to France, saying that under the current situation, Paris which has very important economic, cultural, military and arms-related interests in the West Asian region, intends to increase its presence and influence in the said region, adding: this country, because of the position and the situation that may arise after the US withdrawal from the region, has seized the opportunity and boosted its presence in the region.

Strategic Consequences of Ansarollah’s Attack on UAE

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on West Asia affairs, saying that Ansarollah’s attacks on Abu Dhabi were a serious shift in their strategy towards the United Arab Emirates and showed their authority, added: The only issue that can end the seven-year war is more authority for Ansarollah.

US Deterrent Maneuver Near Russia

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on Russia affairs, commenting on a recent report in the New York Times on Joe Biden’s decision to deploy US troops in the Baltic and Eastern Europe, said: With such a move, the United States intends to carry out a deterrent maneuver to force Russia to reconsider invading Ukraine. However, it seems unlikely that Russia will launch a military strike against Ukraine under the status quo.

Washington’s Goals, Hidden Role in in Northeast Syria Events

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Amidst reports on expulsion of US troops from Iraq and Syria, the United States has shifted its field, military and operational concentration to the northeast and Kurdish regions of Syria.
Hamid Khoshayand – Expert on regional affairs

Strategic Message of Iran, Russia and China Joint Naval Exercise

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Commander of the Navy of the Army stated that the joint naval exercise of Iran, Russia and China, by displaying the latest equipment, shows the depth of relations between the three countries. He, added: The exercise reminded the countries of the region as well as the sworn enemies of the IRI revolution, that independent countries by standing beside each other, could present a new model in which their functions are based on ensuring the safety and security of navigation and also leading to world peace.

Strategic Importance of Cooperation, Collective Security in Persian Gulf

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of West Asia affairs, says Iran, while strengthening and diversifying its capabilities, does not consider individual military capabilities of member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) and the PGCC as a whole a threat against Tehran. He also referred to the need to pay attention to strategies based on collective cooperation in the region and added: Countries in the region should try by trust building, change the misconceptions that have been shaped between them and by preventing the impact of differences at the security level resolve them at political level.

Danger of the Re-emergence of Terrorism in Iraq Followed by Political Disputes

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having stated that the recent movements in Iraq show that ISIS has a serious presence in regions among Kirkuk, Diyala and Salah-Adin provinces, a university professor said:” with mounting dissatisfactions in Iraq and the weakness of the central government in the country, the possibility to recruit forces and re-organization by ISIS as well as other terrorist groups will increase.

Increasing Attention to the Far-East in the U.S. Military Budget

Strategic Council Online – Interview: Having said that the U.S. 2022 budget indicates the importance of the Far-East, particularly China in the U.S. politicians, defensive and security society points of view, the Scientific Deputy of Shahid Sadr Research Institute of the Expediency Council said:” the U.S. attitude on China will gradually attain larger military aspect in comparison with the past. The U.S. is entering into military phase vis-à-vis China.

Dimensions, Objectives & Consequences of Ansarallah Operations in UAE

Strategic Council Online – Opinion
Saudi-led coalition made an overall attack to Yemen in April 2015 aiming at occupying Yemen and annexing it to Saudi Arabia; but the operation which was supposed to achieve its objectives in less than a month, has lasted nearly seven years and has turned to be a quagmire for invaders. As the recent missile and drone attacks of Ansarallah in UAE, has dragged Yemeni war into a new round of balancing. Today, not only Saudi Arabia but also UAE has become among the targets of Ansarallah operations.
Hamid Khoshayand, Expert on regional issues

US Approach to North Korea Missile Test

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An expert on US affairs commenting on the White House approach to the North Korea supersonic missile tests said: At present, the only tool available to the US is sanctions, but even Washington knows that it cannot resort to the option of war in order to solve the North Korean problem and the only option is the same option of diplomacy.

Causes & Consequences of North Korea Missile Tests

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: As a legacy of Cold War era, prevailing concern over Korean peninsula is among challenges which has continued to date even after the (cold) war finished between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
Mohammad Javad Ghahremani, Expert on China issues

Impact of French Alignment with European Commission on Advancement of Independent European Defense Strategy

Strategic Council Online – Interview: An analyst of Europe affairs, believes that Emmanuel Macron has not had a successful economic record in the past five years, noting that if he can lead Europe to an independent defense-security arrangement, he will use it in the election campaign; but despite Europe’s numerous challenges, the EU does not seem to be able to easily achieve its security goals on the basis of an independent defense policy.

EU Defensive Strategy; Objectives & Challenges

Strategic Council Online – Interview: A member of Scientific Board affiliated to the Research Center for Strategic Studies mentioned the lack of pragmatic political will as the most important impediment for realization of the EU Strategic Compass and said:” EU is facing a number of challenges in the process of the realization of the strategy that make its realization doubtful in mid-term and add it to the list of inapplicable aspirations of the Union”.

Dimensions, Consequences of China-Saudi Missile Cooperation

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: CNN recently reported that Saudi Arabia is actively cooperating with China to develop ballistic missiles. According to satellite images obtained by CNN from its sources, Saudi Arabia is producing ballistic missiles at least in one base.
Kamran Karami – Researcher on Saudi Arabia affairs

US Dangerous Ploy to Keep Covering Force in Iraq

Strategic Council Online – Opinion: Staying of the US covering forces in Iraq in the future could lead to the escalation of the divisions and internal differences in the country.
Tahmoures Gholami – Expert on the US affairs