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Prospects of Launching a European Army

Strategic Council Online: The leaders of France and Germany on January 22 signed a pact renewing their countries’ friendship after 56 year. Thus, the two leaders announced their resolve to play a new role in the Green Continent.

US Troop Pullout from Syria: Regional Implications

Strategic Council Online: Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria has sparked a lot of debates. Many experts maintain that US troop pullout from Syria has caused growing concern in the Zionist regime. They argue that US withdrawal from Syria will pave the way for Iran to launch a land corridor from Tehran to Beirut.

Behind the Presence of American Aircraft Carrier in Persian Gulf

Strategic Council Online: An expert on international affairs says: “As the Americans talk about withdrawing from Syria and reducing the number of their military forces in Afghanistan, there is a great deal of ambiguity about the future of the US allies, or in other words, the US affiliates in the region. Therefore, the presence of American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf could suggest that US military withdrawal from Syria does not mean a decline in Washington’s support for Saudi Arabia or the Zionist regime in the region.