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Reducing Dominance of the US Dollar

Strategic Council Online – Head of the Economic Commission of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations stated that the dollar, as the dominant currency is set to lose its position.

Dr. Kharrazi’s Message on The Martyrdom of Dr. Fakhrizadeh

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr. Kamal Kharrazi in a message condemned the assassination of Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a prominent scientist of the country, and emphasized that this crime will be responded to with a calculated and decisive response.

Iran will give rigid response to any US aggression

Head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi said on Saturday that under Article 51 of the UN Charter of the United Nations on the inherent right to self-defence, Iran is authorized to respond promptly to any US aggression on the pretext of return of the sanctions.

Global Changes in Transition; Iran-China Proximity

Strategic Council Online – At the meeting “Explicating Iran-China Relations in the New Global Conditions”, which was initiated by the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations in cooperation with the Center for Chinese Studies, the importance of Iran-China strategic relations was underlined and it was stipulated “if we choose the right Asian strategy Europe would have no choice but to cooperate with Iran.”

Resistance; the Only Way to Achieve Victory over Zionist Regime

Strategic Council Online – Hamas representative Khalid al-Qudumi said Israel’s policy is evil. They have violated all the international regulations and are using force. Without power, one cannot stand against Israel. The one who wants to get his right must pay.

Complete Collapse of JCPOA If Europe’s Wrong Policies Continue

Strategic Council Online: Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, the President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations stressed: “Europeans should know that the result of their wrong policies will undoubtedly lead to the complete collapse of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and if so far due to their proximity to the Middle East and the direct security impacts of JCPOA’s collapse on Europe, they have supported the half-dead JCPOA in words, the perpetuation of this situation is unbearable to Iran.

SCFR President Condoles Demise of Ramadan Abdullah

In a message on Monday President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations extended his condolences on the passing of the former Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement, Dr. Ramadan Abdullah.

Need for “New Multilateralism” and “Global Democracy”

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations says the malfunctioning order of the present world demonstrates the necessity of formation of a “new multilateralism” and a kind of “new international solidarity” in which the voice of all nations, especially the south would be heard, and emergent players would have their share in the global governance, proportionate to their weight and calibre. “In other words, we need to form a global democracy,” he said.

Annihilation of Palestine; Ultimate Goal of Deal of the Century

Two senior Iranian diplomats who attended a conference in Tehran under the theme “Islamic World and Deal of the Century” emphasized that the essence of the Deal of the Century was the annihilation of Palestine, though it had a brief look at the domestic policy of America and the Zionist regime.

Need for Asymmetric Approaches to Solving Regional Problems

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said: Asymmetric approaches are needed to solve the region’s problems, both politically and militarily, as the current diplomacy pursued through international organizations or dialogue with global powers is ineffective.

West’s Stumbling Block in the Way of Independent States

Strategic Council Online: The President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said: “The people of Asian countries need to formulate their today’s political philosophy based on their civilizational and cultural values.”

The Place of Gas in Global Energy Equations

Strategic Council Online: Norway’s ambassador to Iran said, unfortunately, unilateral US sanctions after the Iran Nuclear Agreement (known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) made it difficult for Norway and Iran to cooperate in the field of energy.

Roots of Qatar Crisis

“The Qatar crisis should not be considered in the context of conflict of interests of the countries involved in the crisis, because the main cause of the crisis is the historical background of the tribes in the region,” said the Director of Al Jazeera Center for Studies Mohammed Mukhtar al Khalil.

New Mechanisms for Development of Iran-China Relations

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations says although Iran and China are both under the pressures of US sanctions, they should utilize new mechanisms to strengthen their relations.