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Achieving a Tangible Outcome; Benchmark on Europe’s Commitment to JCPOA

Strategic Council Online: Former Iranian ambassador to Romania and Hungary, stressing that Europe’s alleged commitment to the Iran Nuclear Agreement (known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) must be accompanied by tangible results, said: Unfortunately, to date we have seen no positive move, other than speech therapy, from the EU in preserving the JCPOA.

5th Step of Reduction of JCPOA Commitments; Messages and Consequences

Strategic Council Online: Iran cannot execute a multilateral agreement alone! The Europeans have actually pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but have not officially declared it. They expect Iran to implement an agreement that they themselves would not respect.

Europe and Iran’s 60 Day JCPOA Timeframe

Strategic Council Online: For a possible European response at the end of the 60-day deadline set by Iran, there are two general scenarios: Resuming the strategy of getting the finger on the trigger, or a change in the current approach and full compensation of US sanctions against Iran in the financial-trade area and strengthening of INSTEX and other possible channels.
Reza Majidzadeh – International Affairs Expert

Europe Can Save JCPOA by Making up for Procrastinations

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations Dr. Kamal Kharrazi pointing to the recent developments and Iran’s suspension decision said the deal’s rescue will depend on the European efforts within the next two months to make up for past procrastination in fulfilling their commitments.

Europe’s Fulfillment of JCPOA Commitments A Big Test of Independence

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr. Kamal Kharrazi says Europe’s implementation of its commitments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and accelerating the conditions for Iran to benefit from economic and trade exchanges with Europe is an important test for Europe’s independence, because the United States is trying to destroy the JCPOA by threatening Iran and humiliating Europe at the same time.

Trump Strategy: Split up Europe, Exterminate JCPOA

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr Kamal Kharrazi says the incumbent US president’s strategy is to cause a rift in Europe and prevent its cohesion on the one hand and exterminate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the other.

Europe’s Limited Chance to Prevent Death of JCPOA

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, Dr Kamal Kharrazi, referring to Iran’s decision on partial suspension of its JCPOA commitments during 60 days said: “It’s a good opportunity for Europe to compensate for its past procrastination by accelerating the implementation of INSTEX and prevent the death of the JCPOA.”

Iran Will Have to Respond Appropriately to JCPOA Disloyalty

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations says the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (also known as Iran Nuclear Deal) has, unfortunately, had no benefit for Iran so far. However, Dr. Kamal Kharrazi noted, Iran is in a situation where it has to respond to the disloyalty of others.

Mistrust of Europe the Outcome of JCPOA Incompetence

Strategic Council Online: The president of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said the EU’s repeated delays in implementing the special purpose vehicle (SPV) to do business with Iran, on the pretext of being unable to exercise influence on European companies is unacceptable.

Europe’s Failure to Comply with JCPOA ‍Can Lead to Regional Instability

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Dr Kamal Kharrazi says Europe’s compliance with the Iran Nuclear Agreement (also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) is a good indication as to whether EU can be trusted on its other initiatives. “Europe’s failure to comply with the JCPOA could result in regional instability,” Kharrazi noted.

JCPOA and geopolitics of energy

Strategic Council Online – Roundtable: Norway’s ambassador to Iran emphasizes that his country, in the same way as the European Union, will implement its commitments to Iran in accordance with JCPOA, and hopes that small Norwegian companies continue to work here, though a number of major Norwegian corporations have stopped their activities.

JCPOA remains if sanctions are away

Strategic Council Online: President of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations emphasizes that because of US illegal withdrawal from Joint Plan of Action (JCPOA) I.R. Iran expects other parties of the deal to help Iran to leave US sanctions behind, because non-execution of the deal means that there is no benefit for Iran to remain a party to the deal.

EU’s turn to preserve JCPOA

“The important issue today, is to convert Europe’s political will in protecting JCPOA into practical measures for executing this deal, in a way that Iran could benefit from JCPOA.”, president of Strategic Council on Foreign Relations said.

Heavy Shadow of West’s Decline on Munich Security Conference

Strategic Council Online: A faculty member of the Shahid Beheshti University outlining the most important issues at the Munich Security Conference described the current state of world security as extremely shaky and noted that the Conference could not accomplish any important results.

Assassination of General Soleimani and Reverse Results for America

Strategic Council Online: A university professor outlining the domestic and regional grounds of US assassination of Lt. General Qassem Soleimani said: “With this assassination, the US strategy towards Iran has changed and they think they have made a great achievement.”

Barriers to Resolving the Korean Peninsula Crisis

Strategic Council Online: Recently, news broke out that the United States is seeking to resume talks with North Korea. According to the White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien “it’s a positive sign that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had not delivered on a warning of a Christmas gift.” However, there is still a long and winding road to resolving the crisis on the Korean Peninsula and according to current trends there is no positive prospect of resolving it until at least the end of Donald Trump’s presidency.
Mohammad Zare: China and Asia affairs expert

Pursuit of Trigger Dispute Mechanism against Europe’s Interests

Strategic Council Online: An international affairs analyst said Europe claims to be seeking a way to keep the Iran Nuclear Agreement alive by launching the trigger dispute mechanism. He said: “The reality is that if Europeans want Iran to unilaterally fulfill its JCPOA obligations, this would not be acceptable to Iran and continuation of the current trend by Europe may put an end to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.