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Munich Security Conference: Show of Rising US-China Tensions

Strategic Council Online: An American affairs analyst said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s tough stance against China at the Munich Security Conference signalled US weakness and decline: Under such circumstances, a government that once saw itself as a global power would exhibit nervous behaviour and to protect itself would behave more aggressively.

China and Russia: Strategic Relations or Strategic Rivalry?

Strategic Council Online: An expert on Russian affairs, said that China and Russia not only have opposing interests sometimes but could be rivals on other times. “Although the leaders of the two countries term ties as strategic but in the opinion of theorists China-Russia relations are not strategic.”

Outcomes & International Coverage of Iran-China-Russia Naval Drill

Strategic Council Online: The coordinated participation of China, Russia and Iran in a joint naval drill illustrates a common understanding among the high-ranking officials of the three countries of the potential threats and can be seen as a step towards shaping a multipolar world order in the future as well as new security strategies in the region.
Hamideh Safamanesh – International Relations Researcher

Prospects of China-US Trade War

Strategic Council Online: A university professor says US President Donald Trump has disclosed the secret dispute with China and wants fundamental changes to occur in past trends. “The Chinese are trying to make the American side exhausted and allured by making some retreats and offering them the olive branch. If the person standing on the other side is Trump, a man who is interested in showoff and media coverage this kind of playing is likely to be favored by the Chinese.

Hong Kong: Scene of China-US Confrontation!

Strategic Council Online: A university professor says if we ignore direct US trade war with China, coalition of China, Russia and Iran shows that US interests are weakening. “This has prompted the United States to engage in adventurism in Hong Kong as a region very far away.”

America’s Forced Compromise with China on Trade War

Strategic Council Online: If China reduces its investments and deposits in the United States it will inflict great losses on Washington; therefore, before this happens, Trump will be forced to make a compromise with China.
Ismail Bashari – China Affairs Expert

China-Germany Cooperation: Defense Strategy in Trade War with America

Strategic Council Online: A university lecturer on international relations says although German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to China apparently portrays a picture of limited economic and political cooperation between the two countries, nonetheless, the event reveals that behind the scene, the world’s two big economic powers with their economic potential have declared an unannounced war against US President Donald Trump’s trade war. The negotiations held and the agreements reached between Berlin and Beijing too point to this very point.

De-Dollarization: China-Russia Strategy to Counter US Political Blackmail

Strategic Council Online: The trade war between China and the United States has been turned into a full-fledged dispute over the past several months; in recent weeks, the two sides have done everything in their power to push through the trenches to advance in this economic war.
Hamideh Safamanesh -International Relations Researcher

China’s “String of Pearls” strategy, fact or fiction?

The international system during the past few decades has witnessed the steady rise of China as a new great power and game-changer. For over a century the United States has possessed the world’s largest economy, but at present trajectories, China may replace it during the first half of the century and emerge as the leading economy of the world. China’s economic growth has also fueled a rapid modernization of its armed forces enabling Beijing to assert its presence more bluntly in areas of dispute especially in the Taiwan Strait and the south china sea. China’s territory size, population, Geography, vibrant economy, relative stability and growing military capabilities have all helped it to confidently elevate its international standing with improved geopolitical status enabling Beijing to establish itself as a decisive player in global affairs.
Hossein Ebrahim Khani – Former ambassador, and research fellow at the IPIS, Tehran

Hong Kong: US Leverage on China?

Strategic Council Online: A university professor says the current protests in Hong Kong would not escalate, noting that the United Kingdom and the United States are evaluating the volatility in Hong Kong so they can use it as a platform to spread the unrest to other regions of China and implement the regional equations for global management and expand their favourite liberal order.

New Mechanisms for Development of Iran-China Relations

Strategic Council Online: President of the Strategic Council on Foreign Relations says although Iran and China are both under the pressures of US sanctions, they should utilize new mechanisms to strengthen their relations.

China-US Trade War Spectrum

Strategic Council Online: China-US trade war has become one of the most important issues in international relations over the past two years and has experienced numerous ups and downs including imposing mutual tariffs on imported goods and the on and off-trade negotiations between the two countries.
Assadollah Kaveh – China Affairs Expert

US Retreats against China

Strategic Council Online: Washington’s trade war with certain countries, particularly with China was the most important issue that cast a shadow on the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan.
Tahmores Gholami – American Affairs Expert

Prospects of US Trade War with China, India

Strategic Council Online: Although Donald Trump should focus on the 2020 presidential election campaign, however his appraisal and that of his team on the probability of a win will make it possible to expand the scope of US trade war to other countries with a potential to generate challenges for foreign trade, technology and markets under the control of American companies.
Reza Majidzadeh – Expert on Political Economy of Development

Trump’s Approach in Containing China

Strategic Council Online: The general American policy for the twenty-first century is to contain China economically, politically or militarily.
Ismail Bashari – China Affairs Expert

China’s New Approach Towards JeM Terrorist Group

Strategic Council Online: The security of projects in the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) in Central Asia and South Asia has pushed Chinese authorities to restrict the activities of terrorist groups in the peripheral region.
Assadollah Kaveh – East Asian Affairs Expert

Impact of US Policies on Iran-China Relations

Strategic Council Online: In view of the US pressures, China is trying to quietly maintain its relationship with Iran, a prominent example of which is the resumption of Iran-China banking relations.
Abdolreza Faraji Rad – University Lecturer

China and Oil Trade War

Strategic Council Online: US-China trade war has entered a new phase in which Chinese refineries have stopped importing oil from the United States and have no intention to resume importing oil from the US.